Journey to Yourself’s Store

What is Journey to Yourself Store?  This is a separate web site dedicated exclusively to making online purchases for any services and products you might want to purchase associated with my Primary Blog and totally self-developed website at found at this url .  I seek to make this site as user friendly as possible for my followers and consumer to purchase service and products online.  I will soon set up this site to accept online purchase through paypal, and any credit card services available.  Please browse the site for services and products you might be interested in.  My prices will probably be raised somewhat due to cost of maintaining this site, and because my skillset is more advanced now.  Recently I completed an application for a License to provide therapeutic services for Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The company I am registered with as a Registered Behavioral Technician is Centria Health Care out of Michigan.  Currently we have developing practices in Applied Behavioral Analysis.  Here is the url link to access the company and its services . Here is a direct link about the services Centria Provides. . We look forward to hearing from you should you have a child with autism that these services will apply towards.  ABA therapy has been effective in greater than 90 % of children with Autism and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Our clients saw a 96% overall aggregate skills improvement across all categories tested after 6 months of intervention. This data is found at Centria Healthcare Online Site.  As a Registered Behavioral Technician I would be one of the persons directly involved with your child reporting to a team of individuals solely dedicated to your child’s progress and advanced development.  I look forward to working with you soon.  Greg Garceau, MATP, RBT. Any service requests for ABA therapy must be directed at my Employer Centria Health Care. Other services, can be directed towards this site.